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MongoDB, when faced with a query, needs to determine a reasonable strategy for executing the query. This is a black art in any good database system, since an execution plan that works well in one context may be grindingly slow in a different context. MongoDB has a query planner that selects an existing cached plan or creates one for the query. By default, mongod records slow queries to its log, as defined by slowOpThresholdMs. NOTE. Enabling database profiler puts negative impact on MongoDB’s performance. It’s better to enable it for specific intervals & minimal on Production Servers. We can enable profiling on a mongod basis but This setting will not propagate.

Starting in MongoDB 4.2, the profiler entries and the diagnostic log messages i.e. mongod/mongos log messages for read/write operations include: queryHash to help identify slow queries with the same query shape. planCacheKey to provide more insight into the query plan cache for slow queries. In mongoDB, you can log slow query log as per your convenient for monitoring of your mongoDB either for collections scan or index scan. Most of the time you have built index and your query taking more time as per your expecation, so set profiling level and log slow query. Sometimes, even though youContinue reading Profiling for Slow Query. Analyzing Slow Queries in MongoDB. Posted: February 26, 2016 1. Tweet. Share. Share. Pin. Shares 0. We are happy to announce to the public the availability of our slow query analyzer for MongoDB! Using the slow query analyzer you can quickly identify slow queries on any of your servers over a particular period of time.

05/12/2012 · MongoQP, a query profiler, was one of the hacks presented by Jeremy Mikola, PHP Evangelist at 10gen. Logging slow queries is essential for any database application, and MongoDB makes doing so relatively painless with its database profiler. 24/01/2012 · It is so slow in fact that the explain at the time of writing this has been running for over 10 minutes and has not yet completed. I will update this question if it ever finishes, but the point of course is that the query is EXTREMELY slow. What can I do? I don't have the faintest clue what the problem might be with the query. MongoDB Manual. How do I query documents, query top level fields, perform equality match, query with query operators, specify compound query conditions. I've inherited a large MongoDB server at work, and have been tasked with figuring out why queries run against it are so slow. The DB contains tons and tons of records on.

Level 1 - collects profiling data for slow operations only. By default slow operations are those slower than 100 milliseconds. You can modify the threshold for “slow” operations with the slowOpThresholdMs runtime option or the setParameter command. See the Specify the Threshold for Slow Operations section for more information. MongoDB - Query Document - In this chapter, we will learn how to query document from MongoDB collection.

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